We have a program to address the unique requirements of each student. 

This includes:

  • students experiencing difficulty grasping concepts being taught in the classroom
  • students that are only performing at grade level and want to improve
  • gifted students seeking enrichment.

For the Elementary Student

We start off with an in-depth evaluation to determine the student’s grade level understanding of math and whether or not any gaps exist. We then design a specialized program for the student based on this evaluation.

A significant emphasis is placed on developing a solid math foundation. This typically involves focusing on numeration skills, which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, percentages, fractions, decimals and integers.

Furthermore, we also emphasize problem-solving because we know through experience that students’ success in math will depend on their ability to manage word problems effectively.

Concurrently we also work with the student on the math topic or unit that is being taught in the classroom, for we believe that a student will enjoy and do well in math when they have a clear understanding of the topic being taught in school. This would include homework support if necessary.

The elementary school student will usually be given homework from the tutor. The purpose of this is to reinforce the student’s understanding of concepts that they have been taught in the session. As well, at the end of the session the tutor will provide direct feedback to the parents as to what was taught, how the student is doing and what the next steps will be.

For the Secondary School Student

We recognize the tremendous pressure that high school students are under because of the intense competition that exists in the school system today.

Whether it is to get into community college or university or anything in-between, students today must compete in an environment where there are usually more applicants than available space. Students therefore need to get the best grades possible and we therefore focus on helping students achieve their goals. 

Tutors ensure that their students understand the concepts being taught in school and how to apply these concepts. This would include but is not limited to homework support. The Academy has a wealth of additional materials that have been gathered over more than 20 years. Students gain a deeper understanding by working on supplementary challenging questions or simply more of the questions that are in the student text book. Quite often the tutor will work with the student on the math topics that are to follow in the curriculum, thereby ensuring a solid understanding going forward.